Pit Stop Deodorant – Plastic Free, Aluminum Free, All-Natural

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Worried about the ingredients in store bought deodorants but don’t want to drive all your friends away with your natural musk? No problem! Freshen up at the Pit Stop! Our organic, plastic free, aluminum free, and all-natural deodorant will leave you smelling fresh as spring and without the worries. Pit Stop deodorant comes packaged in a completely biodegradable 2.3 Oz. push-up tube so you can feel good about the packaging too!

Our plastic free deodorant is made with all-natural, ethically sourced and organic ingredients and comes in a variety of scents.

Organic and All-Natural Ingredients

Our deodorants are carefully formulated with a blend of certified organic and all-natural ingredients, each selected for its unique benefits and skin-loving properties.

  • Certified Organic Fair Trade Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil: A natural source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, coconut oil hydrates and nourishes the skin while providing a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria.
  • Certified Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter moisturizes and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Certified Organic Tapioca Powder: A plant-based starch that helps to absorb excess moisture and keep your underarms feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.
  • Certified Organic Beeswax: A natural hardening agent that helps to give our deodorant sticks their solid form, ensuring easy application and long-lasting freshness.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is gentle yet effective at neutralizing odor and keeping you feeling confident all day long.
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil: A powerful antioxidant that helps to extend the shelf life of our deodorants while providing additional nourishment for your skin.

Choose Your Scent

Elevate your senses with our range of delightful scents, made only from nature’s essential oils.

  • Lemongrass & Peppermint: Zesty lemongrass combines with refreshing peppermint for an energizing burst of citrusy goodness.
  • Tea Tree & Lavender: Soothing lavender blends with invigorating tea tree for a calming yet revitalizing aroma.
  • Orange & Patchouli: Sweet orange meets earthy patchouli to leave you energized and serene all day.
  • Cedar & Doug Fir: Fresh cedarwood mingles with aromatic Douglas fir for a woodsy scent that evokes the tranquility of the forest.
  • Bergamot & Lime: Tangy bergamot pairs with zesty lime for a lively and invigorating fragrance that awakens the senses.
  • Unscented: For those who prefer a fragrance-free option, our unscented deodorant provides all-day freshness without any added aroma.

Instructions for Use

  1. Make sure your underarms are clean and dry before application.
  2. Gently push up the deodorant stick and apply a thin, even layer to each underarm.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Don’t forget to compost the plastic free deodorant tube!

A Gentle Reminder

Please note that while our deodorants are gentle and effective, Pit Stop Deodorant is not an antiperspirant. We encourage the body’s natural detoxification process and provide a safe, supportive solution for daily freshness.

Why a Plastic Free Deodorant?

Plastic is very convenient, but it’s a little too convenient. It’s convenience and widespread use has led to the dumping of mountains of plastic on the landscape that will never biodegrade. For everyday use products that we’re constantly throwing away, that’s a serious problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to plastic, and we would like to prove that with our plastic free deodorant.

Plastic Free Shipping

Join us in our commitment to sustainability with our plastic-free shipping policy. From production to delivery, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and leave a positive legacy for future generations.


Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 2 in

Tea Tree & Lavender, Lemongrass & Peppermint, Bergamot & Lime, Orange & Patchouli, Cedar & Doug Fir, Unscented

296 reviews for Pit Stop Deodorant – Plastic Free, Aluminum Free, All-Natural

  1. Laurie Baggarly

    So everyone has to try the lemongrass and mint version of Elise's Pit Stop Deoderants. Lemongrass is my absolute favorite scent that makes me happy and she's done it with this amazing deodorant! It's in biodegradable packaging with a push top design. The fragrance lasts throughout the day and I can't stop smelling my armpits. I've tried other natural deoderants such as toms and the crystal but this is at my all time favorite and most effective natural deodorant. Ingredients are pure and simple and they smell so amazing!!!! I can't wait to try all the others!

  2. A Petty Gypsy

    I waited a week to review this and after using it a day, my husband tried it too… I have to buy MORE now. We love it and we will never use store bought again!

  3. Karen Taylor

    Great product. Fast shipping. Product as advertised

  4. Karen Taylor

    Great product. Fast shipping. Product as advertised

  5. Miranda Johnston

    Smells amazing and works great!

  6. Amy Stevens

    First, the shipping took only a few days! I love receiving items before etsy will even let me review them. The product itself is wonderful! I have been using natural deodorant for awhile but my favorite recently sold out to a big corporation that I refuse to support, so I went on the lookout for a new option. I love the cardboard container–cutting down on plastic waste is a huge bonus for me. When you start using this, you may be a little more stinky for the first couple days but keep with it and it will get better and you will fall in love with this stuff! Definitely my new go-to.

  7. struthers19

    Fast response and excellent customer service! The deodorant smells really nice 🙂 Will definitely order from again, thank you!!!

  8. gypsy1388

    This is the best natural deodorant I have ever found! Often times the clays or absorbent elements of other products can be grainy and will irritate my skin. This stuff smells great feels great.

  9. Siobhan Murphy

    Shipped and arrived quickly, smells great, only have used once but so far so good! Thank you!

  10. Erin Coughlin

  11. Eva H

  12. Amy Jean

    These deodorants smell great! I had issues with my first purchase but Elise was kind enough to send me a replacement. Thanks for caring about your product and your customers!

  13. April Zarychta

    So far, I really like the scent of this deodorant. Stands up to my crazy job a lot better than the last natural product I used and hasn't gone sour like the last aluminum-based deodorant I had. Overall, I think this one might be a winner.

  14. Nakiska Shaikh

    I've been looking for an alternative that's more sustainable than traditional deodorants and this checks the boxes! It works and smells great!

  15. Isabelle

    LOVE this smell. Will repurchase. Formula is a little sticky, but nothing bothersome, and works well to keep you smelling fresh all day.

  16. Isabelle

    Gave this as a gift — love it.

  17. rcplaughlin

    Deodorant smells and works great!!

  18. jazstarry

    Great product that works well and smells awesome. I love the plastic free packaging!!!

  19. Elianna David

  20. Chelsea Kline

    Got this super quickly. I got a hand written card and a lip balm in the order with my deodorant. It smells wonderful, the packaging is great, it didn’t melt in transit! This is a huge plus because I am deployed, so I was really hoping it got to me without melting, and it did! The lip balm was the perfect surprise because it is incredibly dry here, both products smell great. Already placed another order!

  21. Sarah Van Rooy

    Never stop making these!! Definitely the best natural deodorant I have ever used. Works way longer than any store-bought brand. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again!

  22. lisiche

    Once my pits got used to not having an anti-perspirant and stopped over-sweating, this stuff was wonderful! It's doing a great job stopping unpleasant body odor.

  23. Sophie B

    I found the patchouli smell to be stronger than the orange, at least on me. (Which, I liked, but my boyfriend didn't) It also didn't irritate my sensitive skin.

  24. Jeff Barshinger

    My co workers and I are very pleased with how this works! I'm a laborer and this stuff holds up! Thank you for making this👍

  25. Jennifer Kelly

    This is my second purchase of HammondHerbs deodorant. The product has a tackier feel than store bought but it is just a matter of adjustment. It comes in a variety of fresh natural scents and all the ingredients are natural, which is important to me. Careful with the tops. I didn't read the instructions and my stick got stuck to the top. I was more careful with my next ones. That too is just a matter of adjusting. I would recommend this product and store.

  26. Lacy Morgan

  27. Shlomit

    Great product. Zero waste and works well. Love the scents!!

  28. debon100

  29. Drew Payette

  30. hleinfelder

    Shipped quickly. Great product ! I love the paper packaging- that's special. The scents are really nice and it doesn't feel too sticky. A+ Seller

  31. Robin Shaddix

    I am so sad to be giving this deodorant two stars because I love the packaging and I love the scents, it just doesn't work for me. 🙁 I know everyone's body is different so this is likely just not a good match for me. I have used natural deodorants without aluminum and other unhealthy additives for years successfully, so this isn't about the antiperspirant aspect; it just does not deodorize for me. I have tried it multiple times in different settings and types of weather and I end up stinky at the end of the day. I so wanted it to work for me; hope it works better for others and that everyone will consider paper packaging versus plastic.

  32. Nicole Y

    This stuff is great! Arrived quickly and I love it!

  33. Amanda

    I am really amazed at how well this covers up body odor after one application. A little goes a long way!

  34. Laurie Baggarly

    My favorite two deodorants to use with this deal: Lemongrass Mint by day and Orange Patchouli at night!

  35. Kelsea

    Lemongrass is definitely my top favorite!

  36. Kelsea

    Lemongrass is definitely my top favorite! They’re smooth, smell wonderful and the biodegradable packaging is absolute perfection.

  37. Demetric Jones

    Love these deodorants. If you work hard like I do I apply once in morning and depending on my pits I would put a little swipe towards end of day but on my normal non work days it works forever and smells amazing. Elise shipped these right away and I received in two days, my girlfriend loved the tea tree lavender. This will now be my go to deodorant, all natural and biodegradable. Thank you for making these.

  38. HandLand

    My new deodorant and I plan to buy more. At night I use the unscented tube and in the mornings I top up with the nice smell of bergamot. Much better option than deodorants that come in a jar.

  39. Laura

    Great product! Keeps you smelling good all day long. Shipped to Canada in good time.

  40. Sophie Kirkman

    The lemongrass deodorant is subtle but it smells great!
    I don't sweat very much, so it works well for me.
    The cardboard packaging is great.

  41. hleinfelder

    Wow- you can't beat this stuff! biodegradable packaging and nice natural aromas so your pits smell oh so good. Thanks for making a wonderful product. Will buy more when we run out!

  42. Haley Matthews

    This product shipped extremely fast even though I ordered right before Christmas. I was so excited to try this product but unfortunately it gave me a bad rash. I have sensitive skin so that was not the fault of the company. My fiance has been using what I ordered for about a week now. It smells great when applied but he has noticed it stops working after a couple of hours. He is not a sweaty person nor does he usually smell when he sweats but he has noticed a smell with this product more so than other natural deodorants we have tried. Overall, I really wanted to like this product because it's natural and in eco friendly packaging but it just didn't fight odor the way we needed it to.

    • hammondherbs.oregon@gmail.com (store manager)

      (review and reply originally on etsy)
      Thank you for the honest review. It’s possible that you may have a sensitivity to baking soda which caused the rash. Because there seems to be enough customers with a preference for a deodorant without it, I’m currently working on a baking soda-free deodorant. I’m not sure why the deodorant would only work for a couple of hours for your fiance, but I understand that everyone’s body chemistry is different and there’s no magic bullet. I wish you the best of luck in finding a natural deodorant that suits you and your fiance’s needs.

  43. The Cackling Witch

  44. Alyssa Jocson

    I prefer unscented products, and I'm reducing plastic use so this biodegradable packaging is very much appreciated. I switched from using a different brand of natural deodorant, and there was a transition period where I wasn't sure Pit Stop would work for me. But I soon learned that I needed to apply a thick layer of Pit Stop (thicker than I would with other brands), and it's been working great since.

  45. matthew gaskin

    Love the smell and,so far hasnt broke out my sensitive pits…lol. You cannot go wrong ordering any of their products

  46. sharae97

    This is my first time purchasing natural deodorant and I love it! Thank you!!

  47. cheastuart

  48. Tarehna Wicker

  49. Amanda

    I ordered "Tea Tree and Lavender" and "Orange and Pitchulli" scents and was really impressed with both. The smells aren't overwhelming and very neutral. I have the Tea Tree one in my overnight bag since I travel for work weekly, and use the Orange at home. Definitely a big fan of the kraft tubing but an even bigger fan of the deodorant formula. I've tried my hand at making deodorant in the past, but can never get the right solidity I need. This is nice and solid yet spreads super easily with some heat.
    I'm a lady who doesn't stay on top of her armpit hair and it works wonderfully. Even after a sweaty day I still feel fresh.
    You've got a new loyal customer!

  50. Elizabeth Ayala Vega

    Attention to detail at a superior level. I'm trying really hard to reduce the amount of plastic in my life. This is a step in the right direction. Thank you for making Eco-friendly products.

  51. LizRuth

  52. kaylaefreeman

    Hands down my favorite natural deodorant! It actually works!! Will be back for more!

  53. wishbear200

  54. Courtney Popenberg

  55. Amanda Fuentes

    So, regular deodorant has chemicals and are very toxic. Not only is this deodorant safe and all natural, it actually works!!!!! It works VERY VERY well! I have NEVER ever used an all natural organic deodorant that actually works! I am soooo impressed and happy. I will NEVER buy deodorant from anywhere other than this shop for my family and I!!! My husband also likes it and my daughter as well. The tea tree Lavendar is my favorite! It feels nice going on too! You can tell this shop really put a lot of care into making this! Thank you soooo much! A loyal customer I will ALWAYS be!!!! Extremely satisfied!!!!! 🤗

  56. Amanda Fuentes

    So, regular deodorant has chemicals and are very toxic. Not only is this deodorant safe and all natural, it actually works!!!!! It works VERY VERY well! I have NEVER ever used an all natural organic deodorant that actually works! I am soooo impressed and happy. I will NEVER buy deodorant from anywhere other than this shop for my family and I!!! My husband also likes it and my daughter as well. The tea tree Lavendar is my favorite! It feels nice going on too! You can tell this shop really put a lot of care into making this! Thank you soooo much! A loyal customer I will ALWAYS be!!!! Extremely satisfied!!!!! 🤗

  57. Miranda B

    Thank you lots for these ! I have tried other natural deodorants.. but they were to creamy so it kinda like melted into stinky sweat… These are perfect!!!! And work immediately. In love with the tea tree scent the best ! I'm living a plastic free life and I'm done towing plastic deodorant in the trash as they don't take these at all for recycling. I wish they sold these in stores and have more people stay away from ridiculous plastic packaging!.

  58. saugustar1

    Great product!!

  59. Catalina Londoño Almeyda

    I love how the smell is not overpowering, i've been using natural deodorants for a while but I love how this one comes in plastic free packaging!
    Also, thank you for the little note Elise 🙂

  60. Stacey Tullis

    I've been searching for a plastic free deodorant and this is it! Lightly scented and it works. I've been using natural deodorant for awhile and the baking soda does not bother me now that I moisturize my pits as well as the rest of my body. Thanks for a great product!

  61. Rebecca Whitcraft

    I ordered the Bergamot/Lime and Lemongrass/Peppermint deodorants, both smell amazing! I have only used it for a day, but am looking forward to more.

  62. brandybyrd


    Fast delivery, good communication from seller. Scents are really lovely, not overbearing at all. Great for my sensitive skin. Looking forward to trying all the different scents.

  64. Keslyn

    The scents smell amazing and I don’t stink! The scent of each are strong enough for me not to notice anything. I do apply it twice a day which isn’t a big deal for me. Overall, I’m very happy and I even ordered more for my relatives after I showed them the deodorant.

  65. Lynnae Lewis

  66. Laura Barger

    I really wanted to like these. I got the tea tree and lavender and the geranium cedar, they both smell lovely. The problem is that they gave me a very itchy rash and several ingrown hairs. Very sad that these didn't work for me I don't normally have sensitive skin.

    • hammondherbs.oregon@gmail.com (store manager)

      (review and reply originally on etsy)
      Though I can’t say for sure which ingredient may have caused the reaction, baking soda seems to be the usual culprit. Most customers seem to do fine with it, but there are a few who are sensitive to it. Because of this we now offer a few baking soda free scents. Contacted this customer about making the situation right but still haven’t heard back. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we’ll be happy to go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy.

  67. kaylaefreeman

  68. Laurie Baggarly

  69. Keslyn

    Sadly my mom had a slight reaction probably because she is now sensitive to baking soda. And my sister didn’t like how hard it felt. But I love them so they just gave them to me and now I have plenty of deodorant 😂

  70. olivia0110

  71. shicks1115

    I love it! I love that the unscented is truly unscented and both are easy to use.

  72. Amber B

    Review has no content.

  73. Sarah Lindholm

  74. Eddietherocker

    Fantastic product, will definitely order again.
    Have been using the lavender, not super strong just perfect, and no plastics 🤙🐢.

    Thank You

  75. Kate

  76. Staci Spinelli

  77. Brandon Catubig

    Smells great and works really well! Does not leave any residue on body (Not chalky or slimy)

  78. Anika

    The seller let me know when my order was shipped, and it got here super fast. The deodorant tubes are cute. I love them. I suppose she is changing the tube sizes, so she let me know there is difference between the tubes, which I of course don't mind. The lemongrass and peppermint scent is fantastic. I love it. The tea tree and lavender is meh.

    As for the usability of the deodorant. I've only been using it for about a week, so my body might adjust more. I don't think these would work for someone who has a problem with body odor, unless you're just staying at home and not moving around much. I don't really sweat, so they've been great for me. I do have to reapply in the evening since I've been doing construction. I really like this product, and I will purchase again. I appreciate any seller who supports low waste!

  79. francesthrash

    I bought this for the packaging (I'm trying to reduce plastic in my daily life) but I was super pleasantly surprised by how much I like the smell and how well it works! Will order again

  80. Padric Gleason

  81. Steven Wright

  82. Amanda Fuentes

    This works so well! I love it! I can't wait for a lavendar one!!!!! 🙂

  83. sarahfitterer1

  84. chippy910

    The deodorant has worked really well for me so far! Love the scents and the plastic free shipping option. Also shipping was crazy fast! Thanks so much 🙂

  85. Amy Stevens

    This is my second time ordering and it won't be the last! The scents are great and they are very effective. We're in the middle of a heatwave, so I was worried the deodorant would melt but everything arrived in perfect condition!

  86. mary berard

    Amazing! It really keeps the stink away

  87. Kara Earhart

    Both my husband and I are really enjoying this deodorant, which is why we stocked up. Smells great, and the sticks last longer than I expected! Major win in my book!

  88. Kaitlyn Johnson

    Exactly what I was looking for! Plastic free, no harsh chemicals, & I smell better than I do with big brand name deodorants. Thank you for making these I will definitely be buying again 🙂

  89. Monica

  90. J Davis

    We've been using this deodorant for several weeks now in 90-100 degree weather (with over 100 "feels like" temps due to high humidity) and IT WORKS! This is hands-down the best deodorant I have ever used, including big-name commercial brands.

  91. Alisa Elam

    Absolutely love the zero waste packaging, they work pretty well. I work 12 hour shift at a factory and I don't stink at the end of the day with this deodorant but I definitely don't smell great either but It definitely keeps you from getting super sweaty. Still an amazing product for normal day to day wear though.

  92. Laurie Baggarly

    Best natural deodorant! Works better than Toms and I love the variety of scents. The eco friendly packaging is an added bonus. Keep up the good work Elise!!!

  93. Jenny Hagerthy

  94. traski

    Great environmentally friendly product. Perfect scent that's not overwhelming. Would purchase again

  95. Kaley Smylie

    Great product, and I love the plastic free packaging!! Even a handwritten note from the seller! So happy to support awesome products like this!

  96. Dėja

  97. Jaclyn

    They smell great and go on easy!

  98. Jonathan and Erica Davis

    Bought it as a test. Never use them myself because im allergic to generic deo sticks and my hubs hates the parfum-y smell that accompanies them. This was an amazing experience. We got lemongrass and dough fir. The lemongrass had a stronger smell and i couldn't really tell what the other smelt like (sinuses, ugh) BUT we loooved them! It absolutely amazing, smell and feeling wise. The smell is subtle and not overpowering, very pleasant, like you were just rolling around in the lemongrass field. It was very pleasant, smooth and silky on your armpits. Lasts a long time especially with us working outside all day long. Loved it and so did my hubs. Definitely buying more of this in the future.

    Love the fact that everything comes in recyclable packaging! Thank you, Elise!

  99. Savannh Wellenstein

    Great deodorant. Packaging is totally compostable and the formula didn’t bother my skin at all.

  100. Juju Curry

    Shipped and delivered so quickly!! Smells great, works great. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin woohoo!

  101. Kayla Miller

  102. Lisa

    I love this product! The Bergamot Lime is the best!

  103. Hope Powell

  104. thebecktrek

    This is my favorite zero waste deodorant!!! The lemongrass and peppermint is my favorite!

  105. Kristin Ginger

    Great communication, quick responses. Thank you!

  106. Kami Martin

    So far, I love this deodorant! Love the packaging!

  107. pinkwallpaper

    Works super well, smells great and fresh and never makes me stinky. I love that it is aluminum-free and comes in convenient AND environmentally-friendly packaging. Will definitely purchase again and again!

  108. Robert Jefferson

    Smells delightful! Super friendly shop with lightning fast delivery! 5 stars all day.

  109. Jesse Flores

    Tried it out for a week. Didn’t cover your scent for a long time even when following instructions. It’s a shame really liked it.

    • hammondherbs.oregon@gmail.com (store manager)

      (review and reply originally on etsy)
      I’m sorry they didn’t work for you! I don’t know if you’re switching over from conventional deodorants for the first time, but some people say there’s an adjustment period. Not sure if that’s the issue, but I understand that everyone’s chemistry is different. I hope you find one that works for you!

  110. Amiko Lester

    this arrived quickly and undamaged. the deodorant is perfect, portable, and appreciated. i will continue to do business with this vendor in the future. smells subtle but refreshing!

  111. Brandon Catubig

  112. Chelsea Cerutti

    Absolutely love this deodorant. I’ve tried other natural, plastic free deodorants and found that they didn’t work for me. However, this one works so well for me. It’s easy to roll on and I love the smell!

  113. Made In the Shady

    Shipped fast ! Giving as a gift so hope it’s a hit ! 🙂

  114. Lindsay Juricek

    Switched from plastic container store bought deodorant, nervous it wouldn't work…. It's been great. Easy to apply. No body odor. No weird wax buildup or issues.
    Great deodorant. Eco friendly. Happy I made the switch.

  115. Caitlin Lupien

    Very very pleased with my deodorants! I had been skeptical of natural deodorant for some time due to so many reviews saying that natural deodorants just don’t work. This worked great for me! Everyone’s body is a little different but I think this worked better than the brand: Native that I was using previously.

  116. Deanna Fowler

    Fast shipping. Both my husband and I like the deodorant, it lasts all day and smells nice.

  117. Ashley R

    Love the packaging, so glad it’s not in massive plastic containers. The tea tree oil smells great and mild, haven’t opened the other yet.. I use naturally deodorant exclusive now and this has the same look and feel to what i normally use, but better cause recyclable packaging and supporting a small business!! Thanks so much

  118. Steven Wright

  119. Julie Rergyamdee

  120. Susan Creekmore


  121. Diane Sauceda

    I got my order fast. And started using the lemongrass peppermint deodorant and to my surprise it worked on me. I didn't smell for the first time like a bit of onion.. lol. Looking forward to buying again.

  122. Susan Estavillo

  123. riveriveriver

  124. alex batsch

  125. Samantha Schumacher

    Fast shipping! Great scents! Stayed fresh all day without feeling gross wearing a natural deodorant.

  126. Murk Mascka


  127. kelsey sherman

    Review has no content.

  128. Diane Waggner

    This also arrived very quickly, smells great and lasts all day. The price is also affordable. Best Organic deodorant I have used. I will be back for more.

  129. Meg Nova

    Item was smaller than I expected but for the price you cant go wrong! Seller shipped items in biodegradable packaging and included hand written thank you note which was a nice touch!

  130. niseepoo2

    Used this one today! So far so good!!🤗

  131. niseepoo2

    Smells great!

  132. Lorraine Ruhl

    Very fast shipping from Oregon to PA. Glad I found this natural organic deodorant because I don't like aluminum in the national brands.

  133. sarabatch

    I really like this deodorant so far. I haven’t tried it yet while working out and/or sweating a lot, but so far it’s great!

  134. Lisa Clark

    Great product and fast shipping

  135. colinmchugh1

    Have tried dozens of “natural” or plastic free packaged deodorants and this one works better than any of them! They smell great, hold up to a lot of sweat, though I occasionally have to reapply if I’m hitting the gym after a long day. I know they seem a bit on the pricey side, but they last me almost double the time of a regular store bar, so if you pay $9, it’s really about the same price as a $450 store bought bar, but these are better for you, the planet, and everything since no plastic or chemicals! Live this stuff and have been using for 1.5 years now!

  136. Hayley

    Smells really good and I’m super excited about how eco friendly it is!

  137. Amanda Ferriss

    I love the fir/pine scent, and the sustainability of the packaging. Eco friendly right down to the paper tape on the box and the recycled filler. Wish I had more stars to give. 10/10 will buy again!

  138. Jonathan Cox

    Amazing! Both of them smells great! Goes on really nice! Thank you.

  139. driley7dr

    I purchased the lemongrass & peppermint along with the bergamot & lime. Both are EXCELLENT. I do not regret one bit switching from toxic ingredients to this!

  140. Janet

  141. Karen

  142. Karen

  143. Caroline Dechert

    Everything just as it should be. Thanks!

  144. Brysen Wright

    Great stuff…smells great 👍🏽 top 5 dead or alive!!!

  145. Brandon Catubig

    Been using Hammond herbs deodorant for over a year now. Elise makes quality products. The sensitive skin formula works great if you have issues with baking soda. Highly recommended!

  146. Oskar

    Great product made with care works well!

  147. Fabiola

    Amazing product! Have already recommended it to friends.

  148. Fabiola

    No more allergic reactions! Love them!!! 🥰 Recommending to everyone I know!

  149. Julia Kern

    These deodorants work great, smell amazing, and I love that they don’t use any plastic packaging 😊A package was lost in the mail, no fault on the part of the shop owner, and she still fully reimbursed and sent out a replacement.

  150. Daniel

    Found it because it is plastic-free and keep buying it because it works well and smells nice

  151. Julie

    Review has no content.

  152. madelinegray81913

    I love the new scents. This stuff is amazing.

  153. Deanna Fowler

    This is my second order with Hammond Herbs. It shipped fast, and smells nice. I'm very pleased with their deodorant.

  154. Diana Poorman

    Great product

  155. Madelyn Hughes

    Nothing can beat Pit Stop! We love it.

  156. suprbrat

    I'm using the Tea Tree and Lavender scent right now and I love it. The dispenser is a little hard for me to get going, but the product is a lot softer than I expected and goes on very smoothly. The scent is really nice!

  157. Heidi

    Loved these! Great communication & super fast shipping. Thank you!!

  158. Lucynda Slattery

  159. Lucynda Slattery

    After trying all of the natural and "zero waste" deodorant nothing comes close to Pit Stop. The consistency of the the product allows for comfortable application. The scents are so lovely, and we've tried a few now. The fact that this is a completely biodegradable packaging is the best part, since we have been previously unsuccessful in finding a good product and sustainable packaging all in one.

  160. Kimberly Holland

  161. pticamoja

    Great product. Very light on the skin and no irritation after a month of use.

  162. Andrew Russell

    My wife and I love it so much that we're ordering a lot more. Available in great, unique scents, this deodorant does a great job of blocking odor, AND it comes in thoughtful, plastic free packaging. Why aren't more people doing this?!

  163. Nova Mullineaux

  164. Courtney Flanigan

    Passed test with husband. Ordering more! Thank you

  165. Marylou

  166. Anna FitzPatrick

    Great packaging, smell incredible!! My new go-to deodorant for sure.

  167. Emily Grace

    Love the eco friendly packaging & the non toxicity of the deodorant. Works well & smells great. Will be buying again. Thank you!

  168. Tim

    Great product, great price, great customer service

  169. dangobrango

  170. dirkstrykowski

  171. eric drake

    All very pleasant smells and a minimalist design. They are easy to put on and last most of the day. I work longer days and often find myself putting an extra dose of this deodorant on after lunch to keep off the smelly armpit smell.

  172. Breanna Bierl

    I don't run marathons but at the time i bought this I'm 9mo pregnant chasing 2.5yo… And i definitely don't stink 😜. I feel it is effective. I like it and will reorder when I'm out!

  173. Jane

    Both of these smell great. Seems like the Bergamot and lime works better on my skin as far as not causing irritation and keeping me smelling nice throughout the day. I love the lemongrass one but sometimes it makes me itch if I use it right after shaving. I've been using natural deodorants for a few years now. They definitely don't last as long as the ones you get at the drug store, BUT the crazy thing is I think overall I smell better in part because with the drug store deodorants you can never really get them completely washed off but with these I can be truly clean and reapplying just enhances the smell without making me feel like I have stuff caked on.

  174. trtusmc

    New to the natural deodorant scene and I’m glad I chose to buy from Hammond herbs.
    The lemongrass scent is awesome. My job requires strenuous outdoor activity 5 days a week. No need for me to reapply.

  175. Courtney Flanigan

  176. Keisha Dean

    This is my second order. Fast shipping, great product!

  177. ehposner

  178. Christine

    I love this shop. The seller communicated with me about the status of my order. Excellent packaging. Fast shipping. High quality products. Thank you.

  179. L H

    A nice product, great scent, and goes on easy. I haven't had any issues with my skin – a great product for sensitive skin. It took my body about 2 weeks to adjust to the formula. I still have to reapply about half of the time later in the day to prevent odor. What really "sells" me on this product is the cardboard packaging. Will purchase again.

  180. Tarynn Gragg

    I absolutely love this deodorant! I have super sensitive skin and I have zero irritation plus it really helps with odor control! I will definitely be repurchasing!

  181. melody aiello

    Perfect! Zero waste, affordable, and doesn't leave residue. Lasts 12 to 18 hours, I'm impressed!

  182. melody aiello

    Thank you so much! I'm so happy to have found an affordable eco friendly deodorant!

  183. Shanta Mitchell

    It works and I love the smell

  184. Mika Martin

    I've tried several different deoderants in cardboard containers, so far this one's been my favorite; the lemongrass in particular

  185. Deborah

    I like it! Nice smell and I appreciate the cardboard container instead of plastic. thanks-

  186. shannonperkins501

    Works great, goes on clear, love the cardboard packaging

  187. David V.

  188. Amber Generale

  189. toddcstu

    I've worn it all day and haven't smelled BO.

  190. Julia Bridgen

    I've been searching for a natural deodorant for awhile that wouldn't burn my skin and leave a horrid rash, so I was super excited to discover two different scents for sensitive skin. I really enjoy the smell of both, but the Lemongrass seems to last longer for me. After an initial 3 week detox period, I no longer need to reapply multiple times a day. 10/10—will definitely be purchasing again when I run out! 🙂

  191. jordan ramirez

    As my Pit Stop was running out, I already knew I was getting this again!

  192. mmarsh66

    Love, love, love the Cedar & Doug Fir scent. I've been super happy with the product and using it for almost a year now. Thanks!

  193. Ibiza Delaney

  194. Christopher Centanni

  195. jalenwood206

  196. sarah Mcdonald

  197. kseritti04

    Products are AMAZING! Looking forward to trying more scents! Bergamot Lime and Orange Patchouli are both great smelling and lasting throughout the day!

  198. mamanature2

    My husband says it works for him, but it makes me breakout really bad. Will buy again just for my husband.

  199. Cali Cimoch

    Arrived today and they smell wonderful! Excited to try them

  200. nbonner100

  201. kate

    the scents are lovely, and I don't experience any B/O throughout the day! The texture is different than a normal deodorant, but not bad

  202. Federico Escobedo

    Works great!

  203. margaret

    smells like a magical forest:) thank you!!!

  204. sandiclement

    The scents mild, natural, and not overpowering while still being very effective. We bought these for the recyclable packaging, and I was happy they were shipped in a mailer that was also 100% paper-based and recyclable. The push up mechanism means that there is also zero waste of product as well. Will definitely buy again!

  205. bryana905

    I love this product! It’s my favorite natural deodorant (and I’ve trieda few elsewhere) that isn’t packaged in plastic. It works well, smells great but not too purfum-ie.

  206. Angela Medlin

    Get rid of your store bought deodorant. Buy this!

  207. David Shaub Stallings

    Works great, smells great, no plastic. All the wins!

  208. gloriamcelwee1


  209. Rachel Bealer

    This is the first all natural deodorant I have tried and I’m surprised to say I don’t have to try any others! It smells great and works great too. I am outside in 90 plus degree weather all day and this keeps me smelling nice and fresh. I love that the packaging is NOT made of plastic like a lot of other natural brands!

  210. kari

  211. Breanna Bierl

    It is not a direct comparison to store bought. I happen to like it more and I just bought my second, in a different smell. I actually bought a 2pk initially… But now my husband uses these too!

  212. Juan Herrera

    Super duper fast delivery, both tea tree and lemon grass deodorants smell great.! Very happy and satisfied 😁

  213. Megan Zakeri

    a great purchase! i love buying eco friendly products and this is a perfect substitute (even better) for regular deodorants

  214. Bel G

    Love it! Suitable for men too!

  215. Camryn

    When it didn't ship properly the first time, they shipped it out again without hesitation! Highly recommend. Great product that actually works.

  216. Jacqueline Boissonneau

  217. Kelvin Kruze

    Witty name – fantastic product!!

  218. Courtney Flanigan

    My husbands favorite. Always reminding me to order more 😊

  219. Donna Boles

    Really like these natural deodorants! They are different from what we usually use and that's a good thing!

  220. coco404

    Lovely product. Smells amazing, works brilliantly, and is totally compostable once its finished!

  221. ramron67

    These deodorants work great and are plastic free!

  222. ramron67

    A great plastic free alternative.

  223. Stephanie

    Hubby is super happy to receive this!!

  224. jsheader1

  225. Blaine Zuckerman

    After having gone through my first two tubes of the bergamot + lime deodorant (which seemed to last a long time, and I use it pretty much daily), I ordered two more. Not sure I can pay a higher compliment than the fact that I keep buying it! Smells great, does the job. (Oh – and I'm a smelly dude!)

  226. Lucynda Slattery

  227. Jessica D

  228. Helene Voto

    Hand made environmentally friendly person care product. All natural. Highly recommended by my granddaughter. Fair price and fast shipping.

  229. William Henry

  230. Tim

  231. Tim

  232. Victoria Powell

    I would say for the product's effectiveness it should be 5 stars as a natural deodorant. Smooth and long lasting, it does the job.

    The Tubing, while recyclable and wonderful for the environment, makes it difficult to push up to get any usable amount. When I was able to push it up, the product was stuck to the sides and starting crumbling. I've lost most of my first stick due to this crumbling and the second tube is so hard to push up, I'm afraid it'll do the same thing.

    Using my hands to apply instead has been the only alternative.

    ——-Update: 10-05-2020
    After this review, I got a message from the owner who took this seriously and did some major research to find the issues. I now have another set of products to use, both of which push up nicely.

    Above and beyond service and exceptional people. Thank you!

  233. Symba

    Works and smells great! Also good for the environment. Thank you!

  234. coramrqz

  235. Laura krum

    I love this deodorant. It smells nice, it works, and it’s environmentally friendly. I highly recommended it!!!

  236. GenelLynne

    Lovely smells, easy application. Lemongrass and lime for my partner was great! However, bergamot and lime caused terrible rashes on both of us. Such a bummer, but probably wouldn’t buy again and risk the possibility of a rash depending on the smell. Really disappointed since I love the style and 0waste and health of it— but I can’t afford to buy all the smells just to find out if they will hurt me or not lol

    • hammondherbs.oregon@gmail.com (store manager)

      (review and reply originally on etsy)
      I’m very sorry the bergamot lime caused some issues for the both of you but I’m glad the lemongrass peppermint worked out for your partner. Since the essential oils seem to be the issue here, I’d recommend our unscented deodorant if you haven’t given up on our deodorants just yet.

  237. ReeAnnaK

    I have to apply at least x3/day. Smells good, though. Doesn’t irritate.

  238. Bailey

    Lovely subtle scent and effective deodorant 🙂

  239. Jesus

  240. Tim

    Always love the product, hides odor without being overly fragranced

  241. Courtney Flanigan

    Our favorite! Thanks again – will be back.

  242. Airlie

    Knowledgeable, helpful, great product, fast shipping

  243. Margaret

    Eco-friendly, thoughtful packaging is just the start here. The smell is lovely, light, and reflects its name accurately. The deodorant itself feels smooth and applies EASILY. Other natural deodorants I've tried have been difficult to apply, so Pit Stop is definitely a game changer. I'm VERY impressed thus far and will be coming back when I'm due. Thank you!!

  244. Sheila

    Repeat customer. Works well and is zero waste, what more could you ask for? May need to reapply if you are working out. Besides that, it gets me through the work day.

  245. L H

    I'm a repeat customer. This deo works well when applied liberally, at 8- 10 swipes per arm. Great for sensitive skin and I love the biodegradable cardboard tube.

  246. lillian gantt

    Great!!! Package came quickly and smells great!

  247. Jose

    Nice smell. Great customer service.

  248. Sarah W. (verified owner)

  249. Del S. (verified owner)

    I love these amazing eco-friendly products!!! 🌱🦋🌏

  250. Anonymous (verified owner)

  251. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Easy to apply. Fragrance not overpowering. Keeps me feeling fresh.

  252. Janet (verified owner)

    This is the best! Smell is nice and not too strong.

  253. laura krum (verified owner)

    I love this deodorant. It’s nontoxic and comes in ecofriendly packaging. Great scents. I’ve been using this product for a year and a half. Highly recommend!

  254. Michael Kann (verified owner)

    HH’s products are amazing. The low impact zero plastic is amazing and the deodorant works better than most larger brands.

  255. Ava (verified owner)

    I have bought this product before, so I already know I love it! I pair it with a detox underarm bar from Zero Waste, and it is long-lasting and has a great, light smell. Shipping was quick, the packaging was low-waste, and it even included a hand-written note! I will definitely be purchasing from Hammond Herbs again.

  256. Angela (verified owner)

    I love these scents, especially Cedar & Douglas. I also love that these are organic, aluminum free, in all-biodegradable packaging, plastic-free shipping, and made in the USA. No rash, no staining the armpits of my clothes, and the deoderizing effect holds up through physical labor/exercise and sweating. I do have to reapply every 4-8 hours to stay fresh (no matter whether exercising or just working on a computer), but that’s a small price to pay for the other features.

  257. Vanessa (verified owner)

    I had been using a similar product (packaging wise) that worked well, but I wanted to try these out and I am not sorry I did! Works just as well, if not better. The fragrance is great, and while it’s pretty strong it isn’t over powering. I think this will be a permanent switch for me.

  258. Kristen L. (verified owner)

  259. Mike P. (verified owner)

    This is by far the best natural deodorant I have found. Delivered quickly. Awesome products.

  260. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have been using Pit Stop for about a year now. I absolutely love it and it’s a product I can feel good about using – all natural and no plastic! This is the first time I ordered directly from Hammond Herb (my usual online retail store was out of stock) and it was a terrifically easy experience.

  261. LaShall Goggins (verified owner)

    I didn’t have a lot of confident in this product at first, but I love the Tea Tree and Lavender sent works best for me. I workout every day walking almost three miles in the Georgia heat, and Pit Stop really holds me for the full day. Thank you very much for a good chemical clean product.

  262. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    love these. great scents, easy application, good odor suppression, no plastic waste.

  263. Kelly L. (verified owner)

    I love this deodorant! It works for me. I did take a few weeks to detox from my old deodorant before I started using Pit Stop. No BO or BS here! I just re-ordered a plethora of different sense to try. I received my order within a couple of days! Thank you Hammond Herbs for your great products and speedy service!

  264. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought some through another site and love the smell. It does last all day.

  265. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. Love your products.

  266. Nicole (verified owner)

    I ordered the unscented and lavender scent. The lavender scent is nice! I appreciate that these come in a twist up packaging.

  267. Mareanne (verified owner)

    I ordered the Cedar and Douglas Fir but also purchase the Lemongrass or the Orange for variety. My entire family has been using these deodorants for a few years now and we love them (including my 2 stinky teenaged boys). When I first searched for a natural deodorant, I tried other natural deodorants for variety but many of them are chalky, and/or the scent is off, or they just don’t work for me, and I always come back to Pit Stop. The scent and the product when applied just work. The owners of Hammond Herbs on the few occasions I have contacted them have been responsive and helpful. I have never been disappointed by the product or the service.

  268. Gabrielle (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Me and my SO both made the switch to this deodorant a few months ago. Since the smells are fairly neutral, we can just bring one for a trip and both use it. Saves on room for packing! My SO had a little irritation at first, but then noticed that he was using way too much. Scaled it back to 5 or so swipes each pit and he’s been fine. Doesn’t stain or leave any buildup behind. So glad I found this brand!

  269. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great products. The best I’ve found in years of looking for sustainable deodorant. Really appreciate the personal note in each order.

  270. Carol (verified owner)

    Been using tea tree n lavender for few months now and like it so reordered and wanted to try lemongrass n peppermint..just tried yesterday n really liking this one

  271. Susan T. (verified owner)

    I love this deodorant!

  272. David G. (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!

  273. Marie (verified owner)

  274. Laura (verified owner)

    This is my favorite deodorant. The scents are fabulous and I greatly appreciate the zero plastic packaging. I compost or recycle the cardboard tubes. I think I’ll be a customer for life!

  275. Shari (verified owner)

  276. Marie (verified owner)

  277. peter (verified owner)

    bergamont and lime smells the best!

  278. Filip (verified owner)

    I just love this deodorant. It’s a natural & lasts all day. I also like that it uses no plastic containers. I will keep ordering this product. It even came with a “thank you” card.

  279. Brian (verified owner)

    Great product! This is my go-to deodorant now!

  280. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smells great!

  281. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Great Products, excellent service, lovely note in my box. THANK YOU!

  282. Diana Malcom (verified owner)

    Mmm. Such a nice scent.

  283. susan (verified owner)

    Smells great, so far does the job – will buy again.

  284. Brian Wilson (verified owner)

  285. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Looked all over for many years on a deodorant that is 100% natural and smells good while long lasting… and this is it! Highly recommend. Will be a life long customer

  286. Mareanne (verified owner)

    I love these deodorants and so do my kids – fast delivery and excellent product

  287. Alexandra B. (verified owner)

    Love it, my top pick!

  288. Bodhanaa (verified owner)

    I could not believe how fast this arrived and such a beautiful note from Ellie. I tried the deodereant and so far so good.

  289. David (verified owner)

    Very easy and convenient

  290. Laura (verified owner)

    I just love these deodorants. The scent is fantastic and I really appreciate the plastic free packaging. The cardboard tube makes it especially easy to use every bit!

  291. Anonymous (verified owner)

  292. Shari D. (verified owner)

    Great product. Lovely scents without being overpowering.

  293. Anonymous (verified owner)

  294. Grace S. (verified owner)

  295. Rachel L. (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant! I’ve been using it for years and it works great for me.

  296. Sean Snow (verified owner)

    This is the only deoderant I will use from now on. A perfect score on the Yuka App and nothing to complain about. I apply 1x in the morning and 1x in the evening. 0 guilt knowing there is nothing unnatural! My favorite scent is Lavender but I enjoy them all!

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