Pit Stop – Pick 2 – Zero Waste Deodorant, Aluminum Free, All-Natural

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Worried about the ingredients in store bought deodorants but don’t want to drive all your friends away with your natural musk? No problem! Freshen up at the Pit Stop! Our organic, aluminum free, and all-natural zero waste deodorant will leave you smelling fresh as spring and without the worries. Pit Stop deodorant comes packaged in a completely biodegradable 2.3 Oz. push-up tube so you can compost it when you’re done!

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Introducing Our Zero Waste Deodorant

Say goodbye to worries about store-bought deodorants with Pit Stop. Our all-natural, organic, and aluminum-free deodorant is packaged in biodegradable materials, offering a zero-waste solution.

Why a Zero Waste Deodorant?

Plastic is very convenient, but it’s a little too convenient. It’s convenience and widespread use has led to the dumping of mountains of plastic on the landscape that will never biodegrade. For everyday use products, that’s a serious problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to plastic, and we would like to prove that with our zero waste deodorant.

Pick 2 Scents from the Following:

Elevate your senses with our range of delightful scents, made only from nature’s essential oils.

  • Lemongrass & Peppermint: Zesty lemongrass combines with refreshing peppermint for an energizing burst of citrusy goodness.
  • Tea Tree & Lavender: Soothing lavender blends with invigorating tea tree for a calming yet revitalizing aroma.
  • Orange & Patchouli: Sweet orange meets earthy patchouli to leave you energized and serene all day.
  • Cedar & Doug Fir: Fresh cedarwood mingles with aromatic Douglas fir for a woodsy scent that evokes the tranquility of the forest.
  • Bergamot & Lime: Tangy bergamot pairs with zesty lime for a lively and invigorating fragrance that awakens the senses.
  • Unscented: For those who prefer a fragrance-free option, our unscented deodorant provides all-day freshness without any added aroma.

Instructions for Use

  1. Make sure your underarms are clean and dry before application.
  2. Gently push up the deodorant stick and apply a thin, even layer to each underarm.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Don’t forget to compost the plastic free deodorant tube!

A Gentle Reminder

Please note that while our deodorants are gentle and effective, Pit Stop Deodorant is not an antiperspirant. We encourage the body’s natural detoxification process and provide a safe, supportive solution for daily freshness.

About Our Ingredients

  • Certified Organic Fair Trade Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil: A natural source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, coconut oil hydrates and nourishes the skin while providing a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria.
  • Certified Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter moisturizes and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Certified Organic Tapioca Powder: A plant-based starch that helps to absorb excess moisture and keep your underarms feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.
  • Certified Organic Beeswax: A natural hardening agent that helps to give our deodorant sticks their solid form, ensuring easy application and long-lasting freshness.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is gentle yet effective at neutralizing odor and keeping you feeling confident all day long.
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil: A powerful antioxidant that helps to extend the shelf life of our deodorants while providing additional nourishment for your skin.
  • Certified Organic Essential Oils: Natural scents from nature.

beeswax,* fair trade cold pressed virgin coconut oil,* fair trade shea butter,* tapioca powder,* baking soda, essential oils,* non-GMO vitamin E oil*

*certified organic

Zero Waste Shipping

Join us in our commitment to sustainability with our zero waste shipping policy. We use completely plastic free packaging that can be composted or recycled, eliminating the unnecessary need to add them to a landfill.

Want the Works?

Check out our zero waste gift boxes here. Choose your scent of deodorant along with our other zero waste personal care upgrades.



Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 2 in
Scent 1

Tea Tree & Lavender, Lemongrass & Peppermint, Bergamot & Lime, Orange & Patchouli, Cedar & Doug Fir, Unscented

Scent 2

Tea Tree & Lavender, Lemongrass & Peppermint, Bergamot & Lime, Orange & Patchouli, Cedar & Doug Fir, Unscented

297 reviews for Pit Stop – Pick 2 – Zero Waste Deodorant, Aluminum Free, All-Natural

  1. Laurie Baggarly

    So everyone has to try the lemongrass and mint version of Elise's Pit Stop Deoderants. Lemongrass is my absolute favorite scent that makes me happy and she's done it with this amazing deodorant! It's in biodegradable packaging with a push top design. The fragrance lasts throughout the day and I can't stop smelling my armpits. I've tried other natural deoderants such as toms and the crystal but this is at my all time favorite and most effective natural deodorant. Ingredients are pure and simple and they smell so amazing!!!! I can't wait to try all the others!

  2. A Petty Gypsy

    I waited a week to review this and after using it a day, my husband tried it too… I have to buy MORE now. We love it and we will never use store bought again!

  3. Karen Taylor

    Great product. Fast shipping. Product as advertised

  4. Karen Taylor

    Great product. Fast shipping. Product as advertised

  5. Miranda Johnston

    Smells amazing and works great!

  6. Amy Stevens

    First, the shipping took only a few days! I love receiving items before etsy will even let me review them. The product itself is wonderful! I have been using natural deodorant for awhile but my favorite recently sold out to a big corporation that I refuse to support, so I went on the lookout for a new option. I love the cardboard container–cutting down on plastic waste is a huge bonus for me. When you start using this, you may be a little more stinky for the first couple days but keep with it and it will get better and you will fall in love with this stuff! Definitely my new go-to.

  7. struthers19

    Fast response and excellent customer service! The deodorant smells really nice 🙂 Will definitely order from again, thank you!!!

  8. gypsy1388

    This is the best natural deodorant I have ever found! Often times the clays or absorbent elements of other products can be grainy and will irritate my skin. This stuff smells great feels great.

  9. Siobhan Murphy

    Shipped and arrived quickly, smells great, only have used once but so far so good! Thank you!

  10. Erin Coughlin

  11. Eva H

  12. Amy Jean

    These deodorants smell great! I had issues with my first purchase but Elise was kind enough to send me a replacement. Thanks for caring about your product and your customers!

  13. April Zarychta

    So far, I really like the scent of this deodorant. Stands up to my crazy job a lot better than the last natural product I used and hasn't gone sour like the last aluminum-based deodorant I had. Overall, I think this one might be a winner.

  14. Nakiska Shaikh

    I've been looking for an alternative that's more sustainable than traditional deodorants and this checks the boxes! It works and smells great!

  15. Isabelle

    LOVE this smell. Will repurchase. Formula is a little sticky, but nothing bothersome, and works well to keep you smelling fresh all day.

  16. Isabelle

    Gave this as a gift — love it.

  17. rcplaughlin

    Deodorant smells and works great!!

  18. jazstarry

    Great product that works well and smells awesome. I love the plastic free packaging!!!

  19. Elianna David

  20. Chelsea Kline

    Got this super quickly. I got a hand written card and a lip balm in the order with my deodorant. It smells wonderful, the packaging is great, it didn’t melt in transit! This is a huge plus because I am deployed, so I was really hoping it got to me without melting, and it did! The lip balm was the perfect surprise because it is incredibly dry here, both products smell great. Already placed another order!

  21. Sarah Van Rooy

    Never stop making these!! Definitely the best natural deodorant I have ever used. Works way longer than any store-bought brand. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again!

  22. lisiche

    Once my pits got used to not having an anti-perspirant and stopped over-sweating, this stuff was wonderful! It's doing a great job stopping unpleasant body odor.

  23. Sophie B

    I found the patchouli smell to be stronger than the orange, at least on me. (Which, I liked, but my boyfriend didn't) It also didn't irritate my sensitive skin.

  24. Jeff Barshinger

    My co workers and I are very pleased with how this works! I'm a laborer and this stuff holds up! Thank you for making this👍

  25. Jennifer Kelly

    This is my second purchase of HammondHerbs deodorant. The product has a tackier feel than store bought but it is just a matter of adjustment. It comes in a variety of fresh natural scents and all the ingredients are natural, which is important to me. Careful with the tops. I didn't read the instructions and my stick got stuck to the top. I was more careful with my next ones. That too is just a matter of adjusting. I would recommend this product and store.

  26. Lacy Morgan

  27. Shlomit

    Great product. Zero waste and works well. Love the scents!!

  28. debon100

  29. Drew Payette

  30. hleinfelder

    Shipped quickly. Great product ! I love the paper packaging- that's special. The scents are really nice and it doesn't feel too sticky. A+ Seller

  31. Robin Shaddix

    I am so sad to be giving this deodorant two stars because I love the packaging and I love the scents, it just doesn't work for me. 🙁 I know everyone's body is different so this is likely just not a good match for me. I have used natural deodorants without aluminum and other unhealthy additives for years successfully, so this isn't about the antiperspirant aspect; it just does not deodorize for me. I have tried it multiple times in different settings and types of weather and I end up stinky at the end of the day. I so wanted it to work for me; hope it works better for others and that everyone will consider paper packaging versus plastic.

  32. Nicole Y

    This stuff is great! Arrived quickly and I love it!

  33. Amanda

    I am really amazed at how well this covers up body odor after one application. A little goes a long way!

  34. Laurie Baggarly

    My favorite two deodorants to use with this deal: Lemongrass Mint by day and Orange Patchouli at night!

  35. Kelsea

    Lemongrass is definitely my top favorite!

  36. Kelsea

    Lemongrass is definitely my top favorite! They’re smooth, smell wonderful and the biodegradable packaging is absolute perfection.

  37. Demetric Jones

    Love these deodorants. If you work hard like I do I apply once in morning and depending on my pits I would put a little swipe towards end of day but on my normal non work days it works forever and smells amazing. Elise shipped these right away and I received in two days, my girlfriend loved the tea tree lavender. This will now be my go to deodorant, all natural and biodegradable. Thank you for making these.

  38. HandLand

    My new deodorant and I plan to buy more. At night I use the unscented tube and in the mornings I top up with the nice smell of bergamot. Much better option than deodorants that come in a jar.

  39. Laura

    Great product! Keeps you smelling good all day long. Shipped to Canada in good time.

  40. Sophie Kirkman

    The lemongrass deodorant is subtle but it smells great!
    I don't sweat very much, so it works well for me.
    The cardboard packaging is great.

  41. hleinfelder

    Wow- you can't beat this stuff! biodegradable packaging and nice natural aromas so your pits smell oh so good. Thanks for making a wonderful product. Will buy more when we run out!

  42. Haley Matthews

    This product shipped extremely fast even though I ordered right before Christmas. I was so excited to try this product but unfortunately it gave me a bad rash. I have sensitive skin so that was not the fault of the company. My fiance has been using what I ordered for about a week now. It smells great when applied but he has noticed it stops working after a couple of hours. He is not a sweaty person nor does he usually smell when he sweats but he has noticed a smell with this product more so than other natural deodorants we have tried. Overall, I really wanted to like this product because it's natural and in eco friendly packaging but it just didn't fight odor the way we needed it to.

    • hammondherbs.oregon@gmail.com (store manager)

      (review and reply originally on etsy)
      Thank you for the honest review. It’s possible that you may have a sensitivity to baking soda which caused the rash. Because there seems to be enough customers with a preference for a deodorant without it, I’m currently working on a baking soda-free deodorant. I’m not sure why the deodorant would only work for a couple of hours for your fiance, but I understand that everyone’s body chemistry is different and there’s no magic bullet. I wish you the best of luck in finding a natural deodorant that suits you and your fiance’s needs.

  43. The Cackling Witch

  44. Alyssa Jocson

    I prefer unscented products, and I'm reducing plastic use so this biodegradable packaging is very much appreciated. I switched from using a different brand of natural deodorant, and there was a transition period where I wasn't sure Pit Stop would work for me. But I soon learned that I needed to apply a thick layer of Pit Stop (thicker than I would with other brands), and it's been working great since.

  45. matthew gaskin

    Love the smell and,so far hasnt broke out my sensitive pits…lol. You cannot go wrong ordering any of their products

  46. sharae97

    This is my first time purchasing natural deodorant and I love it! Thank you!!

  47. cheastuart

  48. Tarehna Wicker

  49. Amanda

    I ordered "Tea Tree and Lavender" and "Orange and Pitchulli" scents and was really impressed with both. The smells aren't overwhelming and very neutral. I have the Tea Tree one in my overnight bag since I travel for work weekly, and use the Orange at home. Definitely a big fan of the kraft tubing but an even bigger fan of the deodorant formula. I've tried my hand at making deodorant in the past, but can never get the right solidity I need. This is nice and solid yet spreads super easily with some heat.
    I'm a lady who doesn't stay on top of her armpit hair and it works wonderfully. Even after a sweaty day I still feel fresh.
    You've got a new loyal customer!