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Keep your teeth tidy and tip top with our Tiger Tooth tooth powder! Tiger Tooth polishes your teeth to a pearlescent shine and keeps them as beaming as a tiger’s. RAWR! Kaolin clay gently polishes and removes stains while the cinna-mint flavor with a touch of clove is just the right amount of refreshing.

This listing is for a 2.5oz refill pouch. To purchase the powder in a jar click here.

Refills should last around 100 days brushing 2x a day.


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Refills come in a certified biodegradable flavor-fresh pouch.

We ship completely plastic free!

Instructions for cleaning and refilling jar: Clean first by scrubbing with either a bottle brush or a washcloth. Rinse and allow it to completely dry. Refill the jar either using a funnel or by very carefully adding the powder directly from the pouch. Tap the jar gently while filling so all of the powder fits.


About our ingredients:

Kaolin Clay: Kaolin clay is unparalleled in tooth care because it is both low in abrasiveness and effective in polishing and removing stains.

Calcium Phosphate: What your teeth are made of!

Naturally Procured Baking Soda: An effective cleansing agent. Our baking soda is mined from the ground rather than chemically produced.

Magnesium Hydroxide: A forgotten but important ingredient in oral care. Magnesium hydroxide comes from the sea and is an essential mineral for our bodies.

Certified Organic Essential Oils: peppermint, cinnamon bark, and clove: A blend of the most freshening essential oils that are good for your teeth and gums. These essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women or children under the age of 5.

Certified Organic Non-GMO Xylitol: A plant derived sugar substitute that’s actually good for your teeth. Ours comes from organic, non-GMO corn. This ingredient is extremely toxic to cats and dogs so be sure to keep it out of their reach.

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Calcium Phosphate, Naturally Procured Baking Soda, Non-GMO Xylitol,* Magnesium Hydroxide, Peppermint Essential Oil,* Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil,* Clove Bud Essential Oil*

*certified organic

INSTRUCTIONS: Wet toothbrush and shake off excess water. Dip the tip into the powder. Brush thoroughly, preferably after each meal but at least twice a day.

WARNING: Because of the essential oils we use, we do not recommend this product to be used by pregnant women or children under the age of 5.
Keep away from pets. The Xylitol in the tooth powder is extremely toxic to cats and dogs.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 0.5 in

calcium phosphate, kaolin clay, magnesium hydroxide, Naturally Procured Baking Soda, non gmo xylitol, organic cinnamon bark essential oil, organic clove essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil

50 reviews for Tiger Tooth Refill – Tooth Powder

  1. Megan Graham

    My teeth feel like I just left the dentist! Super clean and refreshing. I will continue to buy this product!

  2. Krystyna Kornecki

    Fantastic- extra happy to not waste packaging and to be able to compost/recycle/reuse the packaging you provide!

  3. lillieejohnson

    I love the taste and texture of this tooth powder. My mouth feels clean and fresh after using, but it's not overly abrasive. The packaging was wonderful. No more guilt about throwing yet another plastic tube in the trash! Will definitely order again (and again.)

  4. Ian Casey

    It cleans really well and tastes like it cleans really well! – Wonderful seller as well.

  5. Kim

    I love this product. It's gentle on my teeth and gums and tastes really good.

  6. d. Ann Crim

    I was skeptical when I ordered because I am not a cinnamon fan. I was happily surprised that the cinnamon was not overpowering. The texture is good and my mouth and teeth feel clean and refereshed.

  7. Brittany Eggert

    First time tooth powder customer & love this product!

  8. Lindsay

    Fantastic product! I love the way my teeth feel after brushing with it, and the flavor is great. Fast shipping in recyclable packaging. Thanks so much!

  9. L H

    Great product, I have purchased more than once, and will continue to use it. Leaves teeth polished, rinses well, and no aftertaste. Highly recommended.

  10. Kortney Blankenship

    I love this tooth powder. I have used a few other kinds I found at my local natural food shop but this is by far my favorite! The texture is finer, the cinnamon adds a great flavor to it, and my teeth feel cleaner. Bonus points for coming in a refil packets. I just put it in an airtight jar I already had.

  11. Christine Ortiz

    Not only does this use so much less plastic than regular toothpaste, but it's so cute sitting there in a jar on the shelf! It works very well, the fresh refill I just got is so nice and smooth and easy to use, plus my first jar lasted me months. I'm absolutely planning to stick with this.

  12. Zaiana Martin

    Love this tooth powder! Bought these a few times now and it's great. Taste is good and isn't really salty or gross like other toothpaste alternatives I've tried. Don't plan on going back after I've found this one.

  13. s nunez

    Like the taste, not too harsh

  14. d. Ann Crim

    pleasant taste, love the idea of no plastic.

  15. Debbie Ellebrecht

    This is my second purchase and first refill. I love this product and glad I don't have to deal with goopy toothpaste in tubes anymore. My teeth always feel polished. Fresh and mild taste. Quick delivery.

  16. Ariel Moran

    Love love love this tooth powder! I waited to review until I had been using it for a while, and I am so pleased. My teeth feel really clean, and the flavor is so much more mild than conventional toothpaste.

  17. williambecker85

    Great product. Does a nice job polishing the teeth. Thanks for not using plastic.

  18. Larry Williams

    I love toothpowder. Haven’t used toothpaste in over 6 years. Love the flavor and clean mouth feel. Thank you for a great product.

  19. Veronica Adrover

    Love this tooth powder! it does the trick, and I really love that it's helping to save the environment by not being packaged in plastic!

  20. Cassi Zaruches

  21. s nunez

    Ordering is easy and comes in minimal packaging that is reusable. Flavor is great and easy on the teeth. I like that i can order refills to fill my current container. Powder smells great!

  22. Weldon Barker (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love this product!! Have ordered multiple times.

  24. Catherine (verified owner)

    Loved it!

  25. Susan R. (verified owner)

    Easy to order, delivered promptly, product is effective

  26. Diana M. (verified owner)

    Our healthy teeth are the proof of how goos this tasty eco friendly toothpaste is!

  27. Kristen L. (verified owner)

  28. Carol (verified owner)

    Love this product

  29. Dean (verified owner)

    Fast order processing and delivery

  30. Kenneth (verified owner)

    The best tooth powder I have found.

  31. Wendy (verified owner)

  32. Carol (verified owner)

    I love this stuff..broke into my 2nd bag n ordered 2 Xtra so i wont have to order for winter..bc everything is wrapped in recycled product I was concerned if it getting wet from snow

  33. Cynthia Nelson (verified owner)

    What a great idea to have refills. I can reuse the glass bottle and it’s priced well, too.

  34. Wanda B. (verified owner)

    Love how clean my teeth feel with this wonderful tooth powder. I enjoy brushing my teeth, knowing they feel clean like they do after my dental cleaning.

  35. Gisela (verified owner)

  36. Shari (verified owner)

  37. Rana Furtney (verified owner)

  38. mariloudy (verified owner)

    I love this powder toothpaste. My last dental appointment the hygienist was amazed about how clean my teeth were….even asked if I were professionally having my teeth whiten. I told her about Tiger White powder and she encouraged me to keep up the good oral hygiene

  39. Julianne H. (verified owner)

    This is my favorite tooth powder. Delivery was fast and I loved the personal note in the package. Thank you!

  40. Weldon Barker (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    All I can say is, LOVE IT

  42. Diana Malcom (verified owner)

    Our favorite toothpaste! Great flavor with no artificial sweetners.

  43. susan (verified owner)

    Loved the taste and texture – Will buy again

  44. Karen M. (verified owner)

  45. Weldon Barker (verified owner)

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best toothpowder I have come across.

  47. Joan M. (verified owner)

    Love this tooth powder!

  48. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Tiger Tooth Paste keeps my teeth clean and love the refreshing taste.

  49. Carol (verified owner)

    I love this tooth powder..always leaves such refreshing taste..I always brag on this stuff…ran out and been making my own or buying toothpaste..finally I just reordered bc it’s what I like best..bought extra so I don’t run out again…

  50. Wanda (verified owner)

    Love the taste of this tooth powder and the way my teeth feel after brushing.

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