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Keep your teeth tidy and tip top with our Tiger Tooth tooth powder! Our tooth whitening powder polishes your teeth to a pearlescent shine and keeps them as beaming as a tiger’s. RAWR! Kaolin clay gently removes stains while the cinna-mint flavor with a touch of clove is just the right amount of refreshing.


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Introducing Tiger Tooth Natural Tooth Whitening Powder

Discover the revitalizing power of our natural tooth whitening powder, crafted to leave your mouth cinna-minty fresh while effectively removing stains. After only a few uses, you should begin to notice a difference. Experience the confidence of a naturally radiant smile.


A 2.5oz jar should last you around 100 days brushing 2x a day.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our plastic-free jars can be refilled with our tooth powder that comes in completely biodegradable pouches. Those can be purchased here.

Key Benefits of our Tooth Whitening Powder

  • Cleans effectively without harsh abrasives
  • Polishes teeth for a brighter smile
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formulation
  • Contains organic and natural ingredients
  • Free of fluoride, synthetic preservatives and flavors
  • Refillable jars and biodegradable refill bags reduce plastic waste
  • Grey water safe and made with love!

About Our Ingredients

  • Kaolin Clay: Unparalleled in tooth care, low in abrasiveness, effective in polishing and removing stains.
  • Calcium Phosphate: What your teeth are made of!
  • Baking Soda: A simple yet effective cleansing agent.
  • Magnesium Hydroxide: Essential mineral from the sea, crucial for our bodies.
  • Certified Organic Essential Oils: Peppermint, cinnamon bark, and clove; freshening and good for teeth and gums
  • Certified Organic Non-GMO Xylitol: Plant-derived sugar substitute, beneficial for teeth.

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Calcium Phosphate, Naturally Procured Baking Soda, Non-GMO Xylitol,* Magnesium Hydroxide, Peppermint Essential Oil,* Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil,* Clove Bud Essential Oil*

*certified organic

Instructions for our Tooth Whitening Powder

  1. Wet toothbrush
  2. Dip into powder
  3. Brush thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day.

Zero Waste Shipping

Join us in our commitment to sustainability with our zero waste shipping policy. We utilize packaging that is completely plastic-free and can be composted or recycled, eliminating the unnecessary need to add them to a landfill.


Out of an abundance of precaution, we don’t recommend our tooth powder to pregnant women or children under 5 due to essential oils. Keep away from pets; Xylitol is extremely toxic to cats and dogs. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Unveil your Best Smile with Tiger Tooth

Revolutionize your oral care routine with Tiger Tooth Natural Tooth Whitening Powder. Experience the difference as you unveil your brightest smile with our eco-friendly and effective teeth-whitening solution. Make the switch today and elevate your dental hygiene with our natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free tooth powder.

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 2 in

calicum phosphate, kaolin clay, magnesium hydroxide, Naturally Procured Baking Soda, non gmo xylitol, organic cinnamon bark essential oil, organic clove essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil

84 reviews for Tiger Tooth – Tooth Powder

  1. Nicole Hay-Chapman

  2. Krystal Hosmer

    I love the packaging, but the powder has a unpleasant taste.

  3. Jonathan and Erica Davis

    Never used powder toothpaste before and so that was a try and my hubs and i absolutely LOVED IT! Its sooo subtle in smell and taste, doesn't leave your senses overpowered with minty BS. Cleans just as well but doesn't destroy your oral flora so i'm a fan now, definitely!

  4. Juju Curry

    Shipped and delivered so quickly!! Exited to finally have some zero waste tooth powder, works great

  5. Briana Ann Drage

    My package just arrived and I was super pleased that it not only came so quickly, but was packaged in biodegradable materials only. 💛☺️♻️ I am super excited to start using these products (I will today)! I plan to use these regularly from here on out instead of bottled chemically products. Thank you Elise! I’ll be back! 💛

  6. Briana Ann Drage

    Absolutely wonderful as always! Decided to get a few extra so I have enough to last a few months for my whole family. This is probably the best tooth powder I have ever found. 💗

  7. marcylynnep

  8. Diane Waggner

    This arrived very quickly, I love the sent and it tastes great. I'm so happy because I have heard so many complaints about other tooth powders tasting offal and grainy. Tiger Tooth tastes really good and is absolutely no graininess. Love it!!


    This was a gift so I didn't use it personally, but it arrived quickly as described. Thank you!

  10. Allissa Higgins

    i’m giving it 4 stars just because i personally don’t love the taste but it works really well and makes my mouth feel really clean and fresh <3

  11. Chloe Lapp

    This makes my mouth feel so squeaky clean and it tastes really good. Makes my mouth water lol

  12. Krystyna Kornecki

    Thank you so much for providing an ethical and effective alternative to commercial toothpaste! It is exhausting to research ingredients of everything I purchase. Love it. Thank you.

  13. Paola Arriaga

    Feels a little weird at first, at least it did to me since I'm not used to tooth powder. Quickly adapted and I love it! Leaves a fresh taste and glad I made the change!

  14. lainakromi

    We love this tooth powder! It’s smells great, cleans well, and I am already noticing differences in the health of my tooth enamel! Super pleased with this 🙂

  15. Dani Barrow

    I bought the small jar because I wasn't sure if I'd like it. Now I wish I bought the bigger one! I love the flavor and it leaves my teeth feeling polished. The low waste aspect is the cherry on top of the sundae, as it were. I recommend this tooth powder for anyone who wants to use one less plastic item in their daily hygiene routine.

  16. Christine Ortiz

    I really like this! I've never used tooth powder before, so it did take some getting used to, but it seems to work well. This one tastes a little like a cinnamon altiod but not so painfully sharp. I love cinnamon flavor so that's a huge plus for me. I do wish the jar opening was a touch larger so I could dip my toothbrush a little easier, but that's not a huge deal and I love the old apothecary look!

  17. Chelsea Harms Tuohy

    Tastes great and I like the way it feels on my teeth. The jar is reuseable and I can even order a refill, which is awesome

  18. Tulsa

    I love this tooth powder. I bought the small bottle and loved it so much I immediately bought the large. Bottle is beautiful and reusable, and the cinnamon flavor and scent is wonderful. Would definitely recommend.

  19. Oskar

    Great product made with care works well!

  20. Yesenia Linares

    I love how squeaky clean my teeth feel afterwards and the packaging is so cute. Will continue to buy more!

  21. christinakydd1

    This is a tasty and hardworking tooth paste. I much prefer these pastes to commercial ones with tons of ingredients you dont need. Tiger tooth has a great flavor and a little goes a long way. You do need a small spoon or something to meter out portio a so you don't shake out a large amount. Try it you will like it

  22. moustapha

    This is a very good powder toothpaste !
    Great Natural Alternative !
    Nice Shop and Owner !

  23. L H

    My first tooth powder and I love the cinnamon flavor and mint aromatic. Teeth feel smooth and clean all day, and the grit rinses well after brushing. Will reorder when I run out!

  24. zoolady

    I appreciate the concept; still getting used to the taste. It's a good alternative to tube paste, for sure.

  25. Miranda Edison

    Stimulating wake up call! Adore the reusable packaging! Look or ward to possible Bambu spoon, so sharers don't have to”dip.” Will never use another tooth cleaner.

  26. Tim Foulke

    Great product, no plastic either

  27. Debbie Ellebrecht

  28. Alicia Noel

    I've tried other tooth powders before and felt like my toothbrush was doing 100% of the work and the powder was just dissolving into a liquid that had zero scrubbing power. This tooth powder was different. It scrubbed the hell out of my teeth even in hard to reach areas and left my teeth feeling so clean and smooth when I ran my tongue across them. It didn't irritate my gums so it wasn't too abrasive. I like the combination of the cinnamon and mint. It was pretty tasty and left my mouth smelling fresh especially when I used it to brush my tongue. And yes, I had a very honest person smell my breath for me and I got an A+

  29. Jasmine Hensley

    Fast shipping, absolutely love the container and the taste isn't overpowering.

  30. Gretchen

  31. Karen

    Haven’t tried it. Trying to cut down on plastics. Finishing up toothpaste husband bought. Packaging was lovely, small, compact, recyclable. Shipped within days, I think.

  32. 4horses2

    Excellent tooth powder! My teeth feel super clean and polished. Will definitely continue to order.

  33. s nunez

    Enjoy the taste/flavor. Seller was easy to work with.

  34. Karen Alongi

    Love zero waste. Thanks for providing an alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tubes.

  35. Terri Vance

  36. haylohatmaker

    Excellent tooth powder! I've used it for just under a week, and my teeth look whiter than with products guaranteeing that exactly result. I even have porcelain caps that it has shined back up!!

  37. Moon Powell

    Ok so I think this actually worked in removing a tiny stain I was going to have removed and filled by a dentist. Will reorder.

  38. Chels Tufts

    This was my first experience using tooth powder and I am blown away! The powder doesn’t really have a taste to it (I really avoid getting it on my tongue as much as possible) but the cinnamon-mint smell is absolutely incredible. The powder itself has left both mine and my husbands mouths and teeth exceptionally clean. I have even noticed that our teeth are noticeably whiter overall. I am a tooth powder convert for life and Tiger Tooth is where it’s at!

  39. Jon Grush

    Great product and great customer service! Would definitely recommend.

  40. Serina Healey

    Tastes great and makes my teeth feel amazing! This is my first tooth powder and I am not disappointed. I will definitely be buying more! Thanks!

  41. La Reina Cervantes

    Great product! Zero waste packaging and fresh taste

  42. Louis

    A great product, that not only cleans, but helps in the whitening process. I'd like to be your distributor on the east coast if you ever want to expand. My whole family uses this product.

  43. Louis

    A great product, that not only cleans, but naturally whitens teeth; would like to be your distributor on the east coast if you ever want to expand your business model; our whole family uses this product. A winner!

  44. Diane

    Very nice, great tasting not too harsh at all and leaves your mouth feeling super clean, refreshed and polished, I will purchase the refill when I'm ready, or give the 1 oz jar away filled to a special friend and reorder the bigger size for myself, lol, I just slightly stick the edge of my clean damp toothbrush in and I'm good to go, makes brushing fun, results, pearly whites.. 🙂

  45. jordan ramirez

    I was scared to try powdered toothpaste. But I will be purchasing again. Easy to use. Great flavor too.

  46. Caitlin

    Tastes wonderful. Very happy with my purchase

  47. christinakydd1

    So much prefer these toothpastes to commercial ones. Tastes better and better for tooth health I think. Second time I have bought this paste love the taste! Thank you

  48. La Reina Cervantes

    I love this product, it tastes great and this company sells refills so you dont have to buy a whole new container every time:) Also they have always sent my items to me in reduced wase packaging:)

  49. Lisa

    This is a great alternative to commercial toxic gel toothpaste! Tastes great and my teeth feel clean!

  50. Nick

    It works great, but be careful with how much you get on your toothbrush, or you'll blow through it.

  51. Hannah Kleppinger

    The taste is great, and it foams up really well! My mouth feels cleaner than ever!!!!

  52. Julia

  53. kate

    The flavor is nice, and I feel like my mouth is clean after using it

  54. Kaya Stackhouse

    This toothpaste is awesome and I love how it’s sustainable ☺️ The seller contacted me right after she shipped it and provided me with details about the order – thank you!

  55. Federico Escobedo

    It Feels and tastes great!

  56. David Shaub Stallings

    Absolutely love the taste and it leaves my teeth feeling great!

  57. BSquared6

    Love the tooth powder! Tastes good and makes my teeth feel clean. 4 stars because I don't like the bottle. The opening is too small to easily get my toothbrush into the powder. I have transferred it to a new container. Highly recommend the powder though!

  58. Stephanie

    Love this toothpaste. Great option to stop using plastic tubes. Not the best taste but it leaves a minty after taste and also noticed it whitened my teeth. Just ordered more because of how good it is!

  59. Jamie Lang

  60. Michelle Kernan

    Love the flavor, my whole family is crazy about it!

  61. Imani Love

    My teeth look and feel incredible! I'm also not sure how I can possibly finish this whole jar, which means I'll be saving so much money on toothpaste! 🙂 Awesome product

  62. Ellen

    This is my second order of tooth powder from this seller. I love the product! The package arrived earlier than I was expecting. The owner quickly responded to two questions I had
    Would certainly order from HemmondHerbs again!

  63. Baylee Burger

    It took a little bit to get used to (this is my first tooth powder), but my only regret is that I didn't get the bigger size.

  64. T

    OBSESSED!!! I was hesitant to try tooth powder instead of paste but SO glad I made the switch! My husband and I noticed a difference after the first use. How could you not love the zero waste bottle too?!

  65. Bluebonnet Soapworks

    Love this! I still use my Tom’s toothpaste but use this after as a polish. My teeth feel clean, like step out of the dentist office after a cleaning clean! Very happy with it and will order more!


    Fast shipping! I love these tooth powder the scent is so good. I like the fact you can purchase a refill and recicle the container. Thank you Elise for the nice note.

  67. Adelle LaTour

    I love how this toothpaste is eco-friendly and supports small businesses. You get the best of both worlds. I ordered the 1 oz one about a month ago and just recently bought the 2.5 oz one. I am very pleased with this product.

  68. Sarah

    So far it’s been great! It arrived quickly too.

  69. Adelle LaTour

  70. Kortney Blankenship

    I love this tooth powder. It is hands down my favorite out of the ones I've tried. It cleans really well and tastes great.

  71. flora garcia

    First time trying a toothpaste in a form of a powder. It really does a great job. It was a bit strange at first try, but once you get use to the product it does a great job.

  72. Cassi Zaruches

  73. Mara Green

  74. kamitanner4

  75. Catherine (verified owner)

    I love everything about this tooth powder. It’s the best one I’ve ever used for taste, ease of use, and for my teeth feeling smooth and clean after use. Thanks for a great product and for your easy ordering and fast delivery. (I told you I love everything about it!)

  76. Vanessa (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with a tooth powder. I had switched to tablets last year and didn’t mind them, but I’ve been wanting to find a shop I could get deodorant, oral care, and shampoo bars from so I’m not making multiple orders for my daily use stuff. I thought I wouldn’t be a fan of this, but I was wrong! The saltiness from the baking soda may be something to get used to, but when I was done brushing I was very surprised by how fresh my mouth felt. I’ll definitely be back for a refill!

  77. Carol (verified owner)

    I love this product..only a week in and my teeth are whiter..it leaves a nice refreshing taste all day. I am bragging on this to my sister n will b ordering her some to try as well.

  78. Wendy (verified owner)

    Highly recommend to everyone. I’ve bought some to give to my family and friends. It polishes and cleans stains even better then my bi-annual cleanings. Amazing and great product!

  79. Cynthia Nelson (verified owner)

    First time using tooth powder and I am very happy. My teeth feel clean, it’s easy to use, tastes good and not messy at all. I love the glass bottle and that refills are available. No plastic to throw away. Thank you!

  80. Bridgit (verified owner)

  81. Joan M. (verified owner)

  82. peter (verified owner)

  83. Megan Lewis (verified owner)

  84. Grace S. (verified owner)

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